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  1. Watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Premium, BBC iPlayer, iTV, Sky, etc

  1. Unblock Facebook, YouTube, Skype and any other website or service

  1. Unrestricted speed of connection & fast streaming

  1. Wherever you are, whatever Internet connection you are on

  1. And much more …

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What is VPN4All

It’s a Personal VPN Service that connects all your online activities through one of our secure server locations and temporarily changes your visible to the world IP address.

It also encrypts all your data transmitted over the Internet, in one click! With VPN4ALL nothing can restrict your access to your favorite TV programs and shows in 50 countries from wherever you are.

How it works • Easy as 1-2-3

1 Start the Software
2 Choose a Server Location
3 Click Connect

VPN4ALL is super easy to install and use: It works on any type of Internet connection, wherever you are in the world. And it doesn’t slow you down.

VPN4ALL on Windows & Mac

VPN4ALL on Other Devices


Access to US, UK, Canada and 80+ other server locations
Fast streaming
No speed restrictions
Bypass restrictive firewalls, whether on campus or in China


While in your Home country, the majority of your favorite TV programs and shows today are available over the Internet. Watching TV over the Internet is amazing because you can choose what to watch and when to watch it.

While abroad, you’ll quickly figure out – if you haven’t yet – that none of your favorite programs and shows from back home are accessible!
That’s because due to contractual and licensing issues US-based IPTV content is not available for viewing from outside the US, UK-based IPTV content is not available for viewing from outside the UK, and so on!

Paying for your Netflix or Hulu subscription? Nope, you can’t watch Netflix and Hulu while on vacation outside of the US! Looking forward to that Lion’s rugby against the Australians on Sky or a favorite show in the BBC? Nope, not available should your business take you outside UK on that day! Sunday Night Football, The Voice, Game of Thrones in English? Nope, watch the local versions of your favorite shows and wait for your favorite series to appear on local TV (in French, Spanish, Chinese, wherever your expat life takes you!)

What does VPN4ALL do?

VPN4ALL is brilliantly simple. We give your device an electronic address in a location where the content you want to access is available. It’s like temporarily relocating your device to the US, UK, France and Germany (at the same time), but virtually, without actually relocating it!

With VPN4ALL, you can appear to be in the US for Netflix, Hulu, HBO and many other US-based content providers, in the UK for Sky, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4 (etc), in France for TF1 and M6 and in Germany for Zattoo and N-tv!

If you use VPN4ALL to virtually relocate your electronic device to the correct country, your favorite TV programs and shows become available, as if by magic!

Trusted by 37 000+ users in over 160 countries

If you travel internationally, you’ll still be able to access your data and a lot of other sites, securely as if you were in your own home in the US


Happy Customers:


Why Else Use VPN4ALL

  • Access to 10000+ anonymous IP addresses in 80+ secure server locations worldwide so you can virtually be in any country. Located in France? Look as if you are in the UK online!
  • Unblock all your favorite TV Shows, Movies and Music from wherever you are in the world
  • By using our IP addresses in over 50 countries you can watch any TV Shows and Movies that were restricted by satellite location or by license limitations
  • Speeds up your internet by stopping your ISP from throttling your Internet traffic as well as limiting or restricting your access to certain Internet sites, resources or services
  • Stop snoopers from reading your online communications or stealing your data
  • Secures all your online activities and ads anti virus and anti phishing capabilities as well. VPN4ALL is an all security solution which unblocks sites all over the world and provides you with security at the same time!
  • Set it up on all your electronic devices: Computers, tablets & smartphones
  • Have access to help of our friendly support. 24x7x365.
VPN4ALL VPN Software

VPN4ALL vs. Other Solutions

VPN4ALL Other VPNs Proxy
Encrypts your P2P traffic to hide it from your ISP & prevent blocking or throttling
Protects you against deep packet inspection & Copyright Alert System
Prevents peers from seeing your local IP address and other information
Protects ports on your home computer network
Stops malware even before it reaches your computer
Doesn’t affect your speed

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a set top box or satellite dish?

No you don’t. VPN4ALL works on your Internet and you don’t need any special boxes or equipment. You can, however, watch VPN4ALL content via either your PC or TV.

Can I access premium IPTV services and content providers with VPN4ALL?

Yes, you can, providing you have a premium account with the content provider. Premium channels accessible through VPN4ALL include Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and thousands others.

Does VPN4ALL work in China?

Yes, it does! VPN4ALL has been successfully tested on all the major ISPs in China.

Does VPN4ALL provide me with online security?

Yes it does! VPN4ALL secures your online connection sot hat it cannot be tampered with or hacked by anyone, including the NSA.

What about firewalls in my office or by a country?

VPN4ALL successfully gets around firewalls and even the Great Firewall of China! Just select the options menu and choose options that give you the functionality to unblock any restrictive firewalls.

How many geographically-restricted IPTV channels and services can I access with VPN4ALL?

VPN4ALL offers you access to thousands of premium and free IPTV and radio content providers in the USA, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Europe, Asia and most of the world.

Can I install VPN4ALL on multiple devices?

Sure, however, you will not be able to unblock streaming on more than one device at a time. For simultaneous streaming on multiple devices you’ll need a separate VPN4ALL license per device.

Is it true that VPN4ALL also encrypts all my online data?

Yes VPN4ALL encrypts all your online data so that your data such as emails, browsing history, VOIP and all your online activities are invisible to the world.

Can I get a fixed IP should I need one?

Yes VPN4ALL provides you with the option to choose a fixed IP that you can use when you need it. For example to show PayPal that you are in your home country when you are online so that they don’t block your account. And you can turn off your fixed IP at any time and choose a local IP in another country to watch you favorite IPTV content.

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