Fast Global VPN Server Network

80 VPN Server Locations – Switch it Easy & Free

With VPN4ALL Personal VPN Service you get access to ALL our high-speed secure & anonymous VPN servers in over 50 countries (and 80+ cities) worldwide. At once.

Simply choose from a list of available VPN4ALL server locations in your VPN4ALL VPN Software and click Connect. To switch your virtual location, click Disconnect and choose another server location.

Iceland new
Brazil new

Sweden new
Panama new
Malaysia new
Hungary new

Ukraine new
Hong Kong
Chile new
Australia new

Turkey new
Slovakia new
Egypt new

Our users have access to real-time network status and VPN server load information online.

110000+ IPs

10000+ new IPs at Your Fingertips

VPN4ALL lets you change your real local IP address to 10000+ new IP addresses in over 50 countries (80+ cities) worldwide. To ensure that no one on the Internet can identify you or your online activities, all IP addresses on our network are dynamically assigned static shared IPs. Simply connect to one of the VPN4ALL server locations and your VPN4ALL VPN software will securely tunnel your encrypted Internet traffic through your new anonymous IP address.

New IP. Over and Over.

Want a different new IP address in the same VPNALL location? Every time you click the Change IP button, your smart VPN4ALL VPN software automatically assigns you a new anonymous IP address. It’s that simple and completely free!

2Fixed IP Included

Secure Online Shopping wherever you are

At VPN4ALL we know how important it is to be able to secure your online shopping and banking while not getting blocked by PayPal, your Bank or your Credit Card merchant. Since IP verification has become an important part of authentication online, with VPN4ALL, a Fixed IP Address feature is now included with every account. We call it an Anchor IP. Take your secure Anchor IP address with you wherever you go. Secure all your payment transactions on any type of Internet connection.

Have Full Control over Your Fixed (Anchor) IP

Select and Set your own Fixed IP address in 1 click. It’s easy to connect to and easy to change whenever you want it. Even though all IP addresses on our network are dynamically assigned, every time you connect to your Anchor IP, VPN4ALL routs all your encrypted Internet traffic through your secure Fixed IP address.

3The Fastest VPN Network

VPN that doesn’t Slow You Down

Most of our secure & anonymous VPN servers are residing on Tier-1 networks with dedicated 100Mbps and 1Gbps Ports (depending on the region) for a low latency VPN experience. We are well capable of carrying your broadband traffic without limiting your speed. Our data compression technology can even help you speed up a slower connection.

Perfect for Unrestricted Videos and Downloads

Downloading and streaming can be frustrating if the resources are too many hops away. With our Smart Traffic Routing, the waiting is over. Download and stream without interruption. Choose between 50Gb monthly and Unlimited Bandwidth VPN Plans. 50Gb bandwidth included allows you to stream video for 350 hours or download 50 movies. Need more? Upgrade to Unlimited Bandwidth VPN Plan at any time!

4Dual UDP/TCP Servers

Bypass your Network Restrictions

In order to achieve peak performance, by default, VPN4ALL uses the UDP protocol to transmit data. However UDP connections don’t work if your network administrator is blocking UDP in order to prevent encrypted traffic. To resolve this, VPN4ALL supports both TCP and UDP connections through several ports on our server network. TCP connections, although slower than UDP connections, work well in firewalled circumstances. This choice allows you to get through restrictive firewalls and bypass your network’s limitations and restrictions.

Automated Protocol Selection

By supporting both TCP and UDP connections on our secure VPN server network, your connection finally has a choice. But who wants to know the nuts and bolts? VPN4ALL is the first VPN service to provide this choice for each and every server location for a seamless unrestricted Internet experience whatever new IP address location you select.

5P2P-fiendly VPN Servers

Secure and Anonymous P2P

With VPN4ALL, legal P2P and file sharing is only permitted on certain servers that are marked “P2P” (in yellow) in the server list in your VPN4ALL VPN Software. These include secure and anonymous VPN servers that are located in: Bulgaria, China, Estonia, Germany (1 only), Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Russia. All other VPN servers are not set up to support transfer of P2P traffic and are marked “No P2P” (in blue). There are NO P2P servers in the USA!


At VPN4ALL we are working hard to keep our network clean and ensure that all the IP addresses assigned to our users are “clean” and not blacklisted for SPAM or any other malicious activities. No SPAM whatsoever is allowed from any of our secure VPN servers, this includes web mail and forum spam.

6VPN Uptime Guarantee

Short Planned Server Maintenance

Our secure global VPN server network is a vital part of the VPN4ALL service. We are working hard to maintain and improve our server network stability and security, as well as adding new useful network features to our service. To maintain our outstanding 99.999% VPN Service Uptime Guarantee, we have short, planned server maintenance in advance. The state-of-the-art VPN4ALL server network design allows us to perform most of our planned server maintenance without loss of availability. Hop on to any connection and it’s fast, available and reliable.

Minimal Unexpected Server Outage

We built our server network with maximum uptime in mind. For each server geographical location in the server list, there are several servers (often in at least two datacenters). If something unexpected were to happen, such as a network failure in a particular datacenter, your VPN connection should still be up. This also allows us to choose the fastest route every time you connect.

7At-the-Network Privacy

No Data Logging

At the servers on the VPN4ALL server network we don’t cache, collect or store any logs of users’ Internet activities. Since the VPN4ALL server network is operated from an offshore jurisdiction, there are no laws that oblige us to keep logs on our customers – so we don’t.

Smart Traffic Routing

Worried about laws in jurisdictions your online data might be passing through on the way to its final destination? With Smart Traffic Routing on all the servers marked “P2P” (in yellow) in the server list in your VPN4ALL VPN Software, we take that worry off your shoulders.

All VPN4ALL VPN Server Details

Server Location Servers Dedicated Port Speed Data Logging P2P Allowed
USA, Wichita KS 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Tampa FL 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Seattle WA 2 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Scranton PA 2 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, San Jose CA 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Rock Hill SC 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Richmond VA 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Portland OR 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Phoenix AZ 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Oklahoma City OK 2 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, New York NY 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Miami FL 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Los Angeles CA 6 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Las Vegas NV 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Kansas City MO 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Houston TX 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Fremont CA 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Denver CO 6 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Dallas TX 4 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Chicago IL 8 1Gbps OFF NO
USA, Atlanta GA 4 1Gbps OFF NO
UK, London 6 1Gbps OFF NO
UK, Kirkaldy 4 1Gbps OFF NO
UK, Grays 4 1Gbps OFF NO
Ukraine, Kiev 3 1Gbps OFF NO
Turkey, Bursa 2 100Mbps OFF YES
Switzerland, Bern 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Switzerland, Luzern 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Sweden, Nacka 3 1Gbps OFF YES
Sweden, Harjedalen 5 1Gbps OFF YES
Spain, Toledo 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Slovakia, Detva 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Singapore, Singapore 2 100Mbps OFF YES
Russia, Moscow 2 100Mbps OFF YES
Romania, Lovnic 4 100Mbps OFF YES
Portugal, Lisbon 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Poland, Lodz 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Panama, Bella Vista 2 100Mbps OFF YES
Norway, Lillehammer 3 1Gbps OFF YES
Netherlands, Amsterdam 14 1Gbps OFF YES
Moldova, Chisinau 4 1Gbps OFF YES
Malaysia, Kuching 3 1Gbps OFF NO
Luxembourg, Steinsel 4 100Mbps OFF NO
Lithuania, Siauliai 2 100Mbps OFF YES
Latvia, Riga 2 100Mbps OFF YES
Japan, Tokyo 3 1Gbps OFF NO
Italy, Rome 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Ireland, Limerick 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Iceland, Reykjavik 3 1Gbps OFF YES
Hungary, Budapest 2 100Mbps OFF YES
Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2 100Mbps OFF YES
Germany, Marburg 18 1Gbps OFF NO
Germany, Kassel 6 1Gbps OFF NO
Germany, Frankfurt 22 1Gbps OFF YES
France, Paris 2 1Gbps OFF NO
France, Limoges 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Finland, Helsinki 4 1Gbps OFF YES
Estonia, Paide 4 100Mbps OFF YES
Egypt, Asyut 3 1Gbps OFF NO
Denmark, Skanderborg 4 1Gbps OFF NO
Czech, Zlin 5 1Gbps OFF NO
Chile, Santiago 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Canada, Vancouver 2 1Gbps OFF NO
Canada, Toronto 6 1Gbps OFF NO
Canada, Quebec 4 1Gbps OFF NO
Brazil, Matupa 3 1Gbps OFF NO
Belgium, Aalst 3 1Gbps OFF NO
Australia, Brisbane 4 1Gbps OFF NO

Our users can access real-time network status and VPN server load information online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get access to all your servers and all your IPs?

Our paid users get access to all VPN4ALL servers and IP addresses, and can use the service to the full extent: set a fixed IP, switch servers and IPs. If we add new servers or IPs in the future, you will automatically get access to those as well.

Do you guarantee that you will never remove a particular server from the list of available server locations?

We guarantee that we will maintain servers and IPs in important geographical locations such as the USA, UK and Central Europe. While continuous expansion of our server network is our most important objective, we cannot guarantee that a specific server in a smaller region will always be available.
Note: Contact support if you are signing up to the service for a specific server outside of the USA, UK or Central Europe.

How does the fixed (anchor) IP work?

By default, our system automatically assigns you a random IP address for your chosen location. With a fixed (anchor) IP set, every time you connect, you get the same IP address. A fixed (anchor) IP is a shared static IP address (i.e. not dedicated like all other IPs in our system).

Do your servers ever go down?

We offer 99.999% service uptime and 99.9% individual server uptime. Occasionally a server will need a restart or to have a software upgrade, but down time is kept to a minimum.

Where can I learn more about VPN4ALL security and software?

See VPN4ALL Security and VPN4ALL Software pages for details of the VPN4ALL security and software.


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