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At VPN4ALL we take violations of our Terms of Service very seriously. We have dedicated staff available 24/7 and we are ready to address an abusive behavior in a matter of minutes. If you think that any behavior coming from one or multiple of our IP addresses violated our TOS, please report it here.

When to file an abuse report

Please submit issues regarding the abuse of our services including, but not limited to: illegal activities, the exploitation of children, spam (including forum-spam), phishing, hacking and malware, credit card fraud. We review all complaints for validity and will take appropriate action. As part of our investigation it may also be necessary for us to corroborate your complaint with our customer. Please be aware that we may only respond to you for further information or clarification on your complaint.

Here are some examples of abusive behavior we will address without a court order:

  • SPAM
  • Child pornography
  • Phishing, hacking, port scanning, distribution of malware
  • Credit card fraud

What happens after an abuse report is filed

You receive an automated response by email. If you need to add more information after submitting a report, please submit a new report. We try to resolve abuse issues as quickly as possible, but response times vary depending on the number of backlogged abuse reports. For privacy reasons, we are unable to share the details of an investigation into an abuse report. Once your report has been submitted, we’ll take it from there.

Often all it takes to curtail an issue is an official warning. In most cases, a VPN4ALL user who violates our Terms of Service is given several opportunities to rectify his or her behavior before banishment occurs. Serious abuse may result in permanent account termination.

We can also block all our users from accessing your online resource.

Report Abuse

Please fill out this form and click “Submit”.


Your Time is Valued

VPN4ALL takes abuse seriously and we thank you for taking the time to report abusive behavior that you notice coming from one of multiple of our IP addresses. Please fill out this form to notify us.

How Else Can I Report?

Even though our Abuse Department is not available over the phone, you may fill out this form or email your reports to abuse [at] vpn4all [dot] com.

How Long Does It Take?

In a lot of cases we address an abusive behavior in a matter of minutes.

Retracting an Abuse Report

If you file an abuse report and later realize that it was made in error, file a new abuse report stating that you do not want the initial one investigated. Provide any other information you think might be useful.

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