• Use VPN4ALL with your Favorite File-Sharing Apps:

    Including the ones which require port forwarding
  • Bypass Throttling and Speed Restrictions by your ISP:

    Enjoy unlimited bandwidth, unrestricted uploading and downloading speeds
  • Download and Stream in Full Security, Privacy and Anonymity:

    Encrypt your Internet connection, conceal your local IP address; stop malware even before it reaches your computer
  • Access to 24 Special P2P Servers:

    P2P – friendly locations, 1Gbps ports, smart traffic routing, 99.99% uptime so we are there when you need us

What is VPN4ALL?

VPN4ALL is an Offshore Personal VPN Service that encrypts all your data transmitted over the Internet and tunnels your online communications through one of our secure P2P-friendly server locations, all of which are connected to several high speed (1Gpbs) channels from the largest datacenters. It changes your visible to the world IP address to a clean anonymous IP from VPN4ALL, protects you against online snoopers & intruders and prevents unauthorized data logging, monitoring and content analysis. All in one click.

We don’t store any information or keep logs because our Server Network is operated from offshore and there are no laws that obligate us to keep logs on our customers. All you need to do is select a server location and click Connect. It’s that simple!

See How It Works

Start VPN4ALL Software • Choose a Server Location • Click Connect

VPN4ALL Software is super-easy to install and use. It works on any type of Internet connection, with all the popular P2P apps, including those which require port forwarding – on both Mac and Windows PC – and doesn’t slow you down.

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24 P2P-Friendly VPN4ALL Server Locations

Estonia, Tallinn 1
Germany, Frankfurt 1
Germany, Marburg 2
Hungary, Budapest new
Moldova, Chisinau new
Norway, Lillehammer new
Romania, Lovnic
Singapore, Singapore new

Estonia, Tallinn 2
Germany, Frankfurt 2
Germany, Marburg 3
Latvia, Riga
Netherlands, Amsterdam 1
Panama, Bella Vista new
Russia, Moscow
Sweden, Stockholm new

Finland, Helsinki new
Germany, Frankfurt 3
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Lithuania, Siauliai
Netherlands, Amsterdam 2
Romania, Chiajna
Seychelles, Mahe
Turkey, Bursa new

per month

Our users can access real-time network status and VPN server load information online.


The best option for file sharing is utilizing torrents because of the high download speeds which don’t compromise quality. Torrents are able to cut down the otherwise long time element when downloading large files by transmitting in multiple small data packets which are far easier to send and receive.

While there is nothing illegal in file sharing through torrents per se, use of torrents for copyright infringement and other illegal purposes (sharing any kind of copyright material, not only movies, music or books) can easily make you liable as an accomplice under various laws.

Despite the fact that there are many torrent files out there containing non-copyrighted material, having a torrent app installed and running on your computer can easily get you into trouble with your ISP or Network Administrator (on campus, at school or at work).

When you download or seed a torrent, you’re connecting to a number of peers, all of whom – in order to share files – see your local IP address. However, innocent file sharers such as yourself aren’t the only people that see your local IP and have access to the information about your online activities – hackers and cybercriminals can as well.

Torrenting relies on technology that can create security breaches in your home computer network because it requires you to open channels into your network that can leave it highly susceptible to viruses, malware, infiltration by hackers and even identity theft. Allowing peers to access files on your computer is risky business, and can lead to many problems. And if the computer that is torrenting is on a network of any kind, any device on that network is also susceptible to the same threats.

Do you really want hackers and cybercriminals peering into your network and computer because you let them in?


What Does VPN4ALL Do?

VPN4ALL provides you with an easy to use yet powerful VPN software which encrypts all your Internet traffic and online activities with military-grade encryption as it leaves your computer, and tunnels it through one of our secure P2P-friendly VPN servers, concealing your local IP address and making your data invulnerable to logging, monitoring, deep packet inspection and unauthorized content analysis.

With VPN4ALL, no third party can detect your P2P traffic or see your local IP address. And our at-the-server Extra Malware Protection helps you stop viruses, malware and other threats even before they reach your computer.

With ISPs forced to reveal their users’ true identities, with tens of thousands (and growing) of law suits filed each year, with settlements ranging from $1,000 to $100,000+, why put yourself and your family at risk?

Did you know that the youngest person that received a legal threat letter was only 9 years old!

And the risk is not only the authorities but cybercriminals using peering as a means to get access to your computer and network. You may think that file sharing is for free, but actually you are paying a price that can be quite steep if you don’t secure your computer and network from intrusions.

VPN4ALL vs. Other Solutions

VPN4ALL Other VPNs BTGuard PeerBlock Proxy
Encrypts your P2P traffic to hide it from your ISP & prevent blocking or throttling
Protects you against deep packet inspection & Copyright Alert System
Prevents peers from seeing your local IP address and other information
Protects ports on your home computer network
Stops malware even before it reaches your computer
Doesn’t affect your speed

How Does VPN4ALL Work to Protect You?


Your ISP (or Network Administrator) detects your P2P traffic and might start throttling your Internet Connection

Even if your ISP isn’t that interested in what exactly you are downloading, they are very likely to be concerned with how much bandwidth you’re sucking up, and whether that’s slowing down other users.
They therefore attempt to check what kind of traffic is coming from your Home network; and if torrenting is detected, they will throttle (slow down) your connection. In today’s world speed is the king, and they don’t want you slowing down their network!

With VPN4ALL, whenever you are browsing the web, accessing an online resource or using an Internet service, streaming or downloading all your incoming and outgoing Internet traffic remains encrypted. At all times, including while it’s passing through your ISP. This means that no one, even with an authorized access to your local network or your router, can see what kind of traffic you are sending or receiving over the Internet.
And our smart traffic compression feature reduces the amount of bandwidth consumed over your local ISP connection (up to 25% depending on the kind of traffic).
With VPN4ALL, all your Internet activities and communications remain absolutely confidential, whether you are at home, at work, or on the go.

Your ISP (or Network Administrator) detects downloading of illegal or copyrighted materials and might terminate your Internet Service.

While hundreds of ISPs all over the world limit and restrict torrent traffic on their networks, many use more powerful methods – like deep packet inspection – to see what you’re downloading that can get past basic encryption.
Major ISPs worldwide have started employing the Copyright Alert System which closely monitors user activities and intervenes if an illegal activity is detected.

When VPN4ALL is connected, it establishes a secure tunnel between your computer and one of our secure P2P-friendly VPN servers: Bypassing straight through your ISP and network administration. All the Internet traffic that’s leaving or returning to your computer is automatically encrypted with military-grade encryption, making it impossible for your ISP or your network administrator to see where this traffic is going to (or coming from), to monitor, analyze or block it.


The media companies log your IP and monitor what you’re downloading (and will tell your ISP)

Various independent monitoring and media companies themselves (or lawyers or companies on their behalf) seed copyrighted files and log IPs of users which engage in sharing.

Once they find your IP address they know who your ISP is and send them a legal threat letter. Your ISP then, in turn, will forward the letter to you. If you are a repeat offender the ISP will terminate your Internet service. And it doesn’t stop there. The ISP will give all your personal details including address to the media companies who then will pursue you for a financial settlement. All countries in Europe, UK and USA support these claims against individuals committing copyright infringement. If identified, you will be sued and they will likely win a claim against you. So beware!

VPN4ALL encrypts and encapsulates all the data leaving your computer so that it can’t be seen on its way to one of our VPN servers. After reaching our secure VPN network, your traffic leaves the VPN4ALL server with a new IP address – the same shared external IP address as that of thousands of other VPN4ALL users. All this shared traffic of many users becomes mingled together so inseparably that no one on the Internet can identify you or your online activities. Neither your real IP, home address, web history, data nor any identifying aspect of your activities can be traced back to you.

At the servers on the VPN4ALL server network we don’t cache, collect or store any logs of users’ Internet activities. Since the VPN4ALL server network is operated from an offshore jurisdiction, there are no laws that oblige us to keep logs on our customers – so we don’t.

Worried about laws in jurisdictions your online data might be passing through on the way to its final destination? With Smart Traffic Routing on all our P2P-friendly servers we take that worry off your shoulders.

Now, that’s what we mean by true online privacy and anonymity!

Revealing your local IP address and the information about ports open on your network for file sharing creates security breaches in your home computer network

Revealing your local IP address and the information about ports makes your home computer network vulnerable to infiltration by hackers. Your peers may be snooping and peeking on your private Internet activities looking for a way to compromise you and damage your reputation. Or even worse, to get access to your bank account or steal your identity.

With the knowledge of your IP address and the ports open on your computer, a hacker can determine which attacks are likely to work if used against your machine.
VPN4ALL provides an extremely high level of security to your PC. If a hacker or automated scanner cannot ‘see’ your local IP address and computer’s ports, they presume it is offline and move on to other targets. You are still able to connect to the Internet and transfer information as usual but remain invisible to outside threats.


Scammers use false torrents to try to sneak malware on to your computer

While the torrent file itself will not contain a virus, it can direct your bittorrent client to download a file infected with a virus, malware or spyware. Thousands of bogus and fake files bonded with viruses are uploaded every day to torrent site by fake profiles.
The latest movie which you ripped last night and now seeding it away is a carrier of viruses. Particularly if your computer was already infected by a virus which had the capability of binding itself to torrent files. On the other side, the trusted members of a torrent site could also theoretically infect you without them even known it.
This malware can use compromised computers to build a peer-to-peer botnet, phish yours and other people’s identities, bilk them for money, or vandalize their computers through Trojan infections.

Our premium at-the-server AntiVirus, AntiMalware, AntiPhishing and Firewall protection* stops malware even before it reaches your PC, Mac or mobile device.
Should the torrent file you are downloading be infected with a virus, malware or spyware, VPN4ALL will stop it at the server. This requires no additional setup on your side and works seamlessly without causing a noticeable delay in connection speed. Since all the tests are run on our servers, it won’t use any of your system resources nor will it slow down your computer.
With VPN4ALL at-the-server Extra Protection, far fewer malware gets through to your PC, Mac or mobile device, which results in nearly 100% anti-malware protection.

* A premium option available at extra cost as an opt-in at the checkout.

If you are not ready to give up torrenting, don’t put your family at risk. Sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of downloading via torrents in full security, privacy and anonymity. Get VPN4ALL now and get access to the best personal VPN service out there at an affordable price.

What Else Can You Do With It?

Unlimited Video

Stream video and music; watch IPTV in the countries of our P2P server locations

Secure Adult

Access adult content, online gambling & gaming in full security, privacy and anonymity

Secure WiFi

Connect with confidence on any unsecure and public Wi-Fi network

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why VPN4ALL is the best VPN service for P2P activities?

VPN4ALL is the only offshore VPN with dedicated P2P-friendly servers. By managing our servers from the Seychelles we avoid any legal restrictions and are not obligated to cache or log your traffic.
Every server on your VPN4ALL plan is available for P2P activities. NO exceptions. And free switching as many times as you like from server to server as well as free IP switching on the fly. And Port Forwarding as well! VPN4ALL is the only VPN Service with ALL these benefits (and more).

What speed loss can I expect?

Depending on your physical distance from the server you can expect anywhere from none to about 15% speed loss.

Can my ISP or any other third party monitor my Internet activities?

NO! You are invisible to any packet penetration analysis, ISPs, government agencies or snoopers or hackers.

Which personal information do you store?

We only store your email and License Number so we can remind you when your service is about to lapse. We don’t require you to provide us with, don’t store or log any other information about you or your Internet activities.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay period-to-period. If you cancel a plan, you won’t be billed again.

How many devices can be connected using one VPN4ALL license number?

You can install VPN4ALL using one VPN4ALL-Unlim P2P license on any number of PC and Mac computers, but connect only one computer at a time.

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