Business VPN

Why Business VPN by VPN4ALL?

✓ Complete All-in-One Online Security

VPN4ALL Security

  1. Military-Grade Encryption of all the date accessed, uploaded, downloaded and transmitted over any type of Internet connection
  2. At-the-server AntiVirus, AntiMalware, AntiPhishing to stop attacks even before they reach your Computer, Tablet PC or SmartPhone
  3. Secure DNS lookup
  4. No data logging

✓ Secure IPs Worldwide

VPN4ALL Locations

  1. 10000+ of secure, clean, anonymous IP addresses
  2. Fixed (anchor) IP in any location – get exactly same IP address whenever connected to VPN4ALL
  3. 80+ locations worldwide (USA, UK, Central Europe, Asia, offshore)
  4. Easy to switch between locations & IPs: in an automated times manner & on demand (1 click!)

✓ Many Useful Features (there, in case you need them)

VPN4ALL Features

  1. VPN Connection Automations
  2. Works with Email Clients (SMTP)
  3. Allows to add a proxy, enable Point-to-Point (for even higher security), switch between UDP and TCP protocols, ports 80 and 443 (for networks that restrict access to the Internet), set up Port Forwarding
  4. And more…

✓ Easy to Install & Use


  1. Easy to install & use VPN4ALL software for Windows & Mac
  2. Easy to install & use VPN4ALL apps for iOS 4.x and higher and Android 2.x, 4.x
  3. Possible to use with native OpenVPN setup (including on Linux), native iOS or Android VPN Profile Settings, on any IPSec or IPSec/L2TP – enabled device, or even as a part of your own system
  4. 24/7/365 support, including remote access assistance
  5. No IT knowledge needed whatsoever!

✓ Reliability

VPN4ALL Reliability

  1. Preferential access to server locations & IP addresses
  2. 99.99% Uptime
  3. 24/7/365 VPN Network Monitoring
  4. Rapid-Response Support by a dedicated Business Support Manager

✓ Reduced Costs

VPN4ALL Savings

  1. 3 – 10000 Licenses for all types of devices (PC, Mac, Tablet PCs, SmartPhones)
  2. No IT, infrastructure setup & maintenance expenses
  3. No setup / activation fees
  4. Flexible plans & billing cycles
  5. Multiple billing and payment options, proper invoicing, generous progressive discount options
  6. Self-managed Client Area for full control over your service status, licenses, invoices, payments, etc

Who Uses Business VPN by VPN4ALL:

  1. Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and Consultants who handle confidential client information and incur a liability if the data is compromised or stolen
  2. Frequent Business Travelers, especially to third-world countries
  3. Business people who have to stay connected when on the go and handle sensitive business information even when on a public WiFi
  4. Companies with virtual employees, home workers
  5. Remote Personal Assistants
  6. Freelancers
  7. Small businesses with limited IT budget & know-how but in need of ultimate online security & privacy on different types of devices (Windows PC, Mac, Tablet PC, SmartPhones)
  8. Companies with international clients, located in high-risk or bad-reputation locations (Africa, Israel, Russia and ex-Soviet Republics, Eastern Europe, East Asia etc.)
  9. Online Marketing Agencies
  10. Companies developing, testing and/or maintaining a geo-located online product or service (IPTV, datafeed, etc)
  11. Companies seeking to show that they have a global presence

VPN4ALL is the Rolls Royce of personal VPN services

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